Barefoot and in Kansas

Yo. So I’ve decided to start blogging again. For some odd reason I looked back at my old xanga and it brought back so many old memories.


Am I really that dramatic? In one word. Yes.

Also I’ll explain the name of reallifecitygirl: I am a 19 girl from the heart of the USA,Kansas.Olathe,Kansas to be percise and I go to college in Washington D.C.(HOWARD UNIVERSITY) and before I got there I am always had big dreams to be a city girl and do the whole Mary Tyler Moore thing.And I did. While walking down Georgia Ave I realized that I am now a Real LIFE city girl 🙂


Since I’ve been back in Kansas I’ve done nothing but play the guitar barefoot outside with my doggy, Sandy. It’s been BEAUTIFUL. I’m so lucky to be from such a wonderful place.In other news It’s MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND 🙂 My sister, Charellitta comes home today! I’m excited for my best friend’s party on Monday and I belive the weekend will consist of catching up with old friends before I return back to D.C. for my job with AmeiCorps. Speaking of that job, Im really excited/nervous for what it will bring. I hope that bein a postive light in these childen’s lives will help my own problems begin to seem not as overwheming. Im also glad my dude from the SET AB Brown will be doing it. I feel like him and I aren’t as close as we were a year ago so I’m looking forward to having him there.



Ok so I finally got to see the Bad Girls Club Reunion….wtf? Okay so I was glad to hear that almost all the girls are doing positive things with there lives but when it got to Jennivecia’s turn it took are damn near thrity seconds to respond and then you’d think that MAYBE just MAYBE that huge pause she took to think would create an halfway decent lie to prevent herself from looking like boo boo the fool. WRONG. I believe the answer was something like “umm I wanna umm get umm into movies and stuff and ummm get my umm own show.” MIIND you the question at hand was “What are you doing right now?” Lol TWEAK.

Also I know I am SO LATE on this but I can’t handle the story that I just saw last night:

Ok Lil Latarian would have got his ASS WHUPPED! 7 years old?? Likin to do hoodrat stuff? WHAT? Im telling you this is why I want to do AmeriCorps….


I’ll be back later 🙂




About nishiefbaby

I slow dance in the club. I love natural hair. I'm unpredictable and passionate. I love Habib Koite.
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One Response to Barefoot and in Kansas

  1. rdms says:

    Hey you…good to see u on here. I’m linking to you. I just flew back in last night. Trying to recover from Let Jag. LOL..

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