401 keeps it poppin’!

Hey ya’ll

I’m too tired to blog but here are some random thoughts:

I love my new place

My roomie and I just may be a match made in heaven

I am PISSED at these fools outside constantly playing Trey Songz or Lil Wayne @ TOP VOLUME at 4:30 am and other random times throughout the day.THIS is a nice area…we are not on Georgia Ave people!

Saturday was INDEED the longest day of my life.

Hot dogs by a man nammed Manoush at 4 am on 21st and Hst NW JUST might be the best thing in life.

More later.

You know you me,RLCG



About nishiefbaby

I slow dance in the club. I love natural hair. I'm unpredictable and passionate. I love Habib Koite.
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One Response to 401 keeps it poppin’!

  1. radflow says:

    You live an interesting life…but just out of curiosity…
    were you nameing your living situation in Order…Ie
    you love your new place
    but they blasting lil wayne at 4:30 in the am??

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