Risky Business…


Hey everyone,

So as I sit here full from a luxurious and plentiful dinner of chips and salsa(smh) I have my tv tuned in to CNN to watch this historical day for myself:Barack Obama clinching the Democratic Nominee. As an Obama supporter and someone who worked on his campaign I can say that I am absolutely ECSTATIC 🙂

Moving on I want to update you my life….being back in D.C. has been nothing short of amazing. My new place is great….open space,hard wood floors,nice kitchen/bathroom,walk-in closet…WHAT MORE could I ask for? My roomie is a sweetheart….a cute little brunette from New Hampshire with offbeat music taste(except for the fact that she LOVES John Mayer…we sing a long to her extensive playlist all the time!) who loves serving the community as much as I do….Thank you God. Lol I’ve also met some pretty rad people a guy from Virgina who is my new swim coach(I’m swimming laps three times a week now), a CUTE Dub from South Africa(boo biscuit prospect), some hilarious and fashionable chicas from Houston, a bad ass chick from KANSAS CITY :), and many more. Although I’m broke with only a diet coke,a small half empty jar of salsa, and a bottle of water in my fridge I can still say it was all worth it just to live here and serve.

Speaking of serving, training for AmeriCorps has been loooooong. Although some of the sessions are boring, some are pretty interesting and the people there are absolutly hilarious so I’m always laughing.

Well I’m going to be off because I’m about to make celebratory cocktails for Obama’s win….yeah!

You know you ❤ me, RLCG


About nishiefbaby

I slow dance in the club. I love natural hair. I'm unpredictable and passionate. I love Habib Koite.
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One Response to Risky Business…

  1. rdms says:

    Aaah. You did tell me that you were doing the cocktails. Cool beans. History is good, isn’t it? I’m trying to catch up on the latest news with Barack. I’ve been kinda worn down lately working. I’m heading off for the first leg of my trips on next week. Georgia and North Carolina. Where is Cha Cha at again?

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