I’m cold like a midnight(in Aspan)

Hey ya’ll!

So I’m listening to a little throwback Aaliyah(RIP) and just doing a little thinking. Today was a very interesting and productive day. For starters I went to a new church and I actually LOVED it πŸ™‚ It’s in NE D.C. right off the Rhode Island Ave Metro stop which makes is super convenient yay πŸ™‚ So yeah, church was great then I came back took a nap and then went to gym and worked out( I have to knock off 15 so I’ll be going every day for a while).

In hair news…I got a hair cut today. Almost an inch..ahh! Pics up later. I think I want a new hair color a la Chrisette Michelle’s look in the Rising Up video. Hot shit.

I have to be a work in a few hours so I’m going to head off to sleep.

I absolutely love you,ok? RLCG


About nishiefbaby

I slow dance in the club. I love natural hair. I'm unpredictable and passionate. I love Habib Koite.
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One Response to I’m cold like a midnight(in Aspan)

  1. rdms says:

    U cut almost an inch? No way!! Did I tell you that our dates for DC have been pushed back? I’ll update you offline.

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