Vanilla Kisses

I needed this summer.

This has the been this best summer of my entire life.Like nothing has topped this. EVERY single day something crazy/hilarious/ridiculous happens to me. Like I feel that God really knew I needed this. I work my ass off everyday(55 hours a week) plus I have picked up a second job as a barista yet I am having the time of life.

This past weekend my Dinaya came and visited me! I love her so much….I can’t wait til I go to Philly so we can kick it. Random but my Fourth of July plans include NY and I am SO EXCITED! I’m going with MC3, Nelson, Elle,and T.Low 🙂

But yeah I’m going to go take a shower and go out to dinner with my Dub(yeah….I got one lol),



About nishiefbaby

I slow dance in the club. I love natural hair. I'm unpredictable and passionate. I love Habib Koite.
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One Response to Vanilla Kisses

  1. rdms says:

    Dubs are in.

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