After reading yesterday’s post I feel like I should pat myself on the back. I took it really well. But now…


I FEEL LIKE….man you don’t even wanna know what I feel like. I think rage, with side of hurt, sprinkled with pain best describes it.  I am usually not the woe is me type of person but why the @#*$ is this happening to ME!? at this time? Freakin finals time? When I need to be completly focused on school.Damn both of them. This is not ok. Like I thought I could brush it off easily but I CAN’T. He has clothes all in my room. My sheets still smell like his cologne. dammitdammitdammit.

Like I am replaying it in my head over and over again. And I have the horrible mental image of them in her bed seared into my memory. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH! Each time I go over I pretend that I have a different reaction. My favorite one is me snatching the covers off both of them while screaming “WTF is this shit!” and choke slamming both of them. Ok that low key just made me crack a smile.


I have the odd sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. And it won’t go away. I’m disgusted.SICK.

Ok I am really getting to angry to type. I am going to go rid my room of everything that reminds me of him ever being here.




About nishiefbaby

I slow dance in the club. I love natural hair. I'm unpredictable and passionate. I love Habib Koite.
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