..the type of girl givin out fake cell phone and name…

Let’s see…as I set here and watch the Hills Season Finale online(don’t laugh lol) I sit here and ponder many things…

1) Has Olathe always been this trashy? This part of Johnson County has really gone down to me…like all I see around are these trashy ass Christmas lights and people I went to high school with, with babies…

2)Is anything I do going to end up right? As of now every PLAN that I have made for my life has been shattered. I’ve never felt so lost. I feel like I’m in this horrible maze just wondering around in circles with no way out…

3) I am feeling really fake…like it is really hard for me to feel/act happy with feeling like I’m pretending. Like it’s so hard to feel anything but complete despair  when I’m dealing with EVERYTHING going in my life.Like there are so many uncertainties…

4)I settle way too much…it has fucked me up a lot. But this last situation with that bitch ass nigga that slept with my ex friend has REALLY helped in a weird way. I had many, MANY oppurtunities to stop dealing with him, hell he gave me plenty of reasons… but I kept on and this is what I get…

5)Gil Scott Heron is great….

6)So is Habib Koite

7) I miss going to dance class…that was such a release for me. I love learning chorography…it’s so fun.

8) While I am on the subject on missing things I ACTUALLY miss HGC rehearsal….even though I still don’t feel like I really belong in that choir the rehearsals always provided some sort of comedic relief…and I ❤ Cliff! lol

9) My phone doesn’t ring anymore…and when it does I seem to never want to talk to that person. Being that my biggest fear is being alone it’s kind of scary….

10) I love my family. Even though we don’t get along the few moments that we do are the best…




About nishiefbaby

I slow dance in the club. I love natural hair. I'm unpredictable and passionate. I love Habib Koite.
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