When life gives you lemons…make 15 calorie lemonade!

I have a problem.


No it’s not just the soothing sound of the jack hammer right outside of my window.


It is currently 1 minute after 8 am and I haven’t slept a wink. I’ve been waaaaaaaaaay to busy eating salt and pepper pop chips(they’re CRACK I’m telling you) and drinking lightly-frozen, 15 calorie lemonade straight out of the carton;all while watching complete seasons of Sex and the City. This is NOT normal. It is Thursday for crying out loud! Since I’ve taken the semester off due to not having enough funds for school(THANK you Dad) I have lived the most unstructured life. First I went though a stage when I thought there was still hope which including contacting 5011 million ppl trying to find money. Second I went though a “woe is me” stage which included staying in bed for days on end and crying my eyes out or calling my ex boyfriend just to hear a voice of comfort(BAD idea….this idiot plan caused more tears to shed). Third I went through the “pretend everything is ok” stage where I acted like everything was just peachy. Sometimes I would even go to campus and sit in on a class just to feel “normal”.

Right now….I don’t know where I am.

To keep it one hunda I’m scared as shit. Today I got a letter on my door stating I had to be out of my campus housing by Friday. Granted, I had been waiting for them to give me the boot sooner or later so it wasn’t a complete shock or anything but just seeing it in real live kinda shook me. I have a dear friend who is letting me crash at her house(she is a SAINT people) until I get it together. Im so grateful I have a place to go but still…they’re is just SO much uncertainty in the air. Its almost hard to breathe. Or maybe the shortness of breath is due to to the fact that I can’t breathe out of my nose. I have been plagued with a cold….RIGHT before I have to sing all weekend in Richmond. This would be my first out of town trip with this choir and I am really bummed…I’m seriously contemplating not going cause I feel so shitty. 😦 Also in more random news I have a date on Friday.

YES a date.

Shocking I know! It still sounds weird to say out loud. You see in college, well at least here at Howard, there is no such things as “dates”. It’s either hanging out which can include going to your room or his, and maybe if he’s super interested Starbucks. Otherwise it’s him trying to fuck. Yes,fuck. Sorry but if anyone is going to keep it real it’s gunna be me. It may be some scheme that may include what LOOKS like a date in which he tried to sneakily go about it or sometimes its very forward.And I mean VERY forward. I actually got a text at 4:30 am saying something around the lines of “I’m really drunk(yeah….right you PERFECT super “drunk” texter) so forgive me but I wanna fuck you”. This came from a guy I was actually at one point in time super interested in….so I did something really dumb….

and responded.

Ahh, don’t judge me. I’m sorry I’m a low key sucker for sexy southern men. Nothing happened from it of course and I came to my senses the next day(in which I texted him and told him I was offended) but still the fact that I toyed with it in my mind really fucked with me. And it’s so odd because if he would have came at me different and respectfully he would have TOTALLY had a chance. Idiot. 

So back to my date….I’m not going to spill all of the tea per usual cause I’m not too sure about him but he meets the bare minimum criteria 

  1. No kids
  2. No immediate red flags
  3. Gainfully employed
  4. A cell phone(I’m sorry but I am DYING laughing as I type this…this is SOOO bad that I have to make this a requirement but I have had many a brother step to me with NO phone…calling me from they mama and cousins phone…lmao bullshit!)

PLUS he had two bonuses….a car and his own place. YES those are bonuses in Washington DC in this day and age. Anyway we’re going to dinner and a movie Friday night so I well be letting you know how it all goes.

Well I have blabbered enough for one post(although I do admit it was WELL overdue) so….





About nishiefbaby

I slow dance in the club. I love natural hair. I'm unpredictable and passionate. I love Habib Koite.
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16 Responses to When life gives you lemons…make 15 calorie lemonade!

  1. lauren says:

    omg i love you so much. yes, this is your natural-haired neighbor around the corner, lol! i loved this, the ‘date’ part is sooooo freakin true and sad. i wanna know how it goes!

  2. JeKendria says:

    Yes date! That sounds really exciting! And his credentials are…an anomaly. Sad, but true.

    And don’t stress about school or financials. Or at least try not to, cuz I know how hard it is, and when other people told me not to stress I wanted to strangle them. But I learned that everything happens for a reason. Such a cheesy/cliche/annoying but true statement. The fact of the matter is, God put you on this path for a reason. Just take a deep breath, and trust him! He’s not gonna give you anything you can’t handle.

    Anywho, for the fiftyleventh time we need to hang out! Pronto!

  3. We all go through those stages at some point in life. But then you realize that you just have to let go and let God.

    MEAT MAN dun dun dunnnn!!
    I’m excited. Cause people at HU really dont date. All they wanna do is fuck. And hey I be feeling the sammmmme way. Smash and dash! LMAO so unlady like. But oh well. I hope your other readers dont think Im some kinda smut. Aint nothing wrong with a little (or big, thick, lmao lemme stop) constant-heavy rotation-putyoutobed-tradingplaces-knockyoudown-cuttybuddy-somebodyknockingtheboots-canuhandleit-pornstar-asssmacked-legswide-frontbacksidetoside-whatyourfantasy type sex! But Im just saying.

    Write a wrap up of how the date went. I’m ready to live vicariously through you!

  4. Darius!! says:

    So….first…i love the way you write!
    Oh yes Maya Angelou!
    Second, everything in this message is sooo real. Amazing
    Third, why haven’t i heard anything about this date before reading this blog?…i mean im jus wondering.

  5. dinaya says:

    fresh grocer? WAR? Could fresh grocer be your mr.babywipes?? Hopefully he wont smack you in the face with a scarf…umm, i, i dont care! I too am a victim. Im bout to start a support group! lol.

    viva la vida. vive la vida loca. estamos mas jovens a nos preocupamos sobre muchas problemas. Baile.

  6. dinaya says:

    p.s. I aint want no baldheaded ass baby. well we sure did produce this beautiful muthafuckin baby!

  7. dinaya says:

    p.p.s. i am going to miss you living around the corner. who else will laugh at the nasty toilet stall? or laugh at chris brown dancing in his mirror across the hall? or come with me to devon and kikis room? or talk about mouses with me? or gonna laugh at me randomly going into their room and doing the ciara dance? or have lifetime supplies of conditioner for me to use? or be up at random hours? or be my best friend who lives around the corner? or who lets me use their coat when i leave mine places? oor, umm eight!

  8. Melody says:

    OMG i love you for starters
    and i laughed pretty hard
    at the cell phone comment!
    furthermore i am anxiously
    awaiting to hear more about
    this date!!!! i hope you are as
    psyched as i am!

  9. li lil says:

    wait wait… lmfao @ sarah
    “she was baldheaded like shit”

    love u f.baby!!!!! i said the baby!!!

  10. li li says:

    i messed up mi nombre

  11. li li says:

    love u f.baby! yes i said the baby!

  12. DANA DANE says:

    HAHAHAHA! ok, first of all, no bull. car + job = rare find in the dc area amongst males in our age range.
    this was funny as fuckkkkk….and i love you annisha….i miss you.
    i hope everything turns out well with school. one by one my friends are experiencing financial difficulty. where is obama, why hasn’t he saved us??? lol

  13. mesh says:

    SO….you leaving me?…that’s what it’s come down to?…damn homie…have fun on your date tho…

  14. urbancouture says:

    so you def just broke my heart.
    i know we haven’t been kickin it like the best of friends since ive been at Howard but I do enjoy your company.
    thanx for the love on my blog and I hope that we can maybe chill sometime soon. hope to see you back in classes and i lowkey love you!!!

    your friend, Tallas.

  15. latreece says:

    girl ur blogs never seize to amaze me…i hope ur date is fun and I def want details…im also praying everything wrks out!!! miss u pookie!!!

  16. SECRET DIARY says:

    Heya! My first time on your blog. I love your blog. Its fabulous. Stay sassy & fabulous. It keeps ’em guessing. I will be back. Ciao.

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