heroes eventually die…horoscopes often lie…

Antwan Andre Patton and Andre Benjamin we’re right….nothing is fo sho. nothing is for certain.

Be forewarned…im two glasses of wine in.

Lately my life has been this…..(insert negative word here). Like I honestly can’t think of a word to describe whats going on. Im just going to start saying stuff in random order. First I literally went an entire day without any type of exchange with my Mother yesterday. Like we would be in the same room and NOTHING. That shit hurts. Like she just didn’t even look at me. Times like this I just feel like this huge waste of space around her.Another thing. Work sucks. Im very grateful I have a job but damn…I work with trashy ass people(not all just some, you ho who you are lol) and trashy ass racist ass customers.And lets not forget the disgusting old married white men that hit on me all day long……ANNOYING.I am mad cool with one girl though…her name is Michela(pronounced Micheal-A). Looks wise we’re totally opposite. I’m a 5’2 brown girl with wild natural hair and chinky eyes. She’s 5 ft nothing ivory skinned bad ass with a crazy platinum blond streak in her black hair with gauged ears and tats galore. We look great together lol But yeah we both love to occasionally chief, eat vegetarian food, and laugh. Yay my first Olathe friend since the i’ve been back!

So I’m sitting here on my bed in rumpled up covers next to a open suitcase filled with unfolded clothes and natural hair products. I’m packing again.

Well actually I never really unpacked.

My Mom is moving to North Carolina on Saturday and that kinda leaves me alone….again. She’ renting out house out thankfully to my aunt and uncle and they agreed that I can rent out a room in the basement(uggggh) but they don’t move in til sometime in June so its the return of (duh duh duhhhhhhh) CRASHIN ON COUCHES. :/ Didn’t I leave DC for that? Smh oh well.

It’s an hour til I have to be @ work so im going to pop my One-A-Day Energy and Biotin(works WONDERS for thickening and growing hair) vitamins and call a day. I’m going to update more often I swear this time!




About nishiefbaby

I slow dance in the club. I love natural hair. I'm unpredictable and passionate. I love Habib Koite.
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