if I pull it together…make it sooner than later


That’s literally all I can say over and over again.

My life has changed drastically since my last post.And I’m actually still in shock/awe…..

So my friend Jessica sends me a text after reading my blog and says we should go on a random road trip the next day. Since they cut my hours @ work I had plenty of free time so of course I said yes. We end up deciding on St. Louis which is about 4 hour drive from Olathe. When she calls me so we can iron out the details she says “Oh yeah, you’re moving in with me”

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?! A way out of living with my crazy uncle and having to share a bed with my cousin? A place where I can take SHOWERS?!?! But me being the tye of person who hates to ask for help I told her I would have to think about it when mentally I was already packing my suitcases/trash bags lol.  She comes the next day in the morning and it was pourrrrrrrrrring down raining….and right then is when I decided it was time for me to accept this blessing and opportunity to get out of what was making me most miserable. Sooo…we packed up my stuff in 20 minutes and 25 minutes later were were on the road to STL! So it rained and rained as we were driving down I-70….we were riding through a storm…and I felt like it was a huge representation of my life…it was dark and cloudy outside but we HAD to go through the storm because it was the only way we could get to our destination.And thats when I realized I HAD to go though what I had been going through because it was the only way I was going to get to where I needed to be.

So the trip was PERFECT. I saw my friend from HS Jasmine who gave me the book The Secret(which has changed my life btw), a parking spot just APPEARED out of no where when there was no where to park, I had an amazing dinner, we went up in the arch, saw the counting crows for free(the day we picked just HAPPENED to be Fair St. Louis meaning food and vendors every where and thousands of people), and saw an amazing fireworks.

I hadn’t had relaxing fun in so long…

So I come back from STL to Jessica’s house where I have my own room. I also have a place for my food in separate cabinets and a separate refrigerator. Stuff that once sounded simple and basic to me…stuff that I had taken for granted were finally treasured amenities to me. I am so grateful to be there.

ANNNNNNNNNNNND I would have be perfectly satisfied with just that blessing but I got yet another one…

I applied for a permanent position @ Lowe’s….and got it. Mind you I turned in my request to be permanent AFTER they had already selected everyone for the permanent positions and they had started the seasonal people go. So now that I am permanent I can transfer to one of the Lowe’s that is closest to DC which BOTH happen to me metro/bus accessible. So the only thing I had to worry about what where I was going to live right?


The Lord blessed me yet AGAIN. I got a text from my friend Jahna who is from Kansas City and goes to Howard and she asked me if I had found housing in DC yet and after telling her I hadn’t she asked me if I wanted to be roommate cause it would be easier to find housing if we looked together. The next day my email box is flooooooded with AFFORDABLE places to live thanks to Jahna. Like all we have to do is pick. ANNNND if it just so happeneds we don’t find a place we like we can still live @ the house she is currently at.

In a little over a WEEK I got a guaranteed job and a guaranteed place to live in DC when I had been stressing over that since JANUARY of this year.

I’m SO happy. So Thankful.So Blessed.

So to anyone who is going through a situation where it seems like your back in pressed again the wall and there is no way out….remember that no matter how dark it seems GOD hasn’t left. And you can make it…dont give up.

Oh yeah, I just want to give a VERY SPECIAL thank you to anyone who has read my blog and left an encouraging comment. Those REALLY touch me.Seriously. Thank you.



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I slow dance in the club. I love natural hair. I'm unpredictable and passionate. I love Habib Koite.
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3 Responses to if I pull it together…make it sooner than later

  1. AR.MESH. says:


    This just made MY life better lol. I’m so glad things are looking up. We was just talking about this stuff like last week and now it’s all getting better (BIG UPS TO JAHNA FOR HER CLUTCH-NESS!!) but yea, you’re a bomb person and I used to wonder why this type of ish happens to you and not the other wack fake people in the world, but hey what doesnt kill u makes u stronger (let my one horrible cliché statement pass please lol). But yea nish, I’m so glad for you and excited for the future.


  2. moreuniquethanmyname says:

    honey, i am SOOO incredibly happy for you. the lord has a funny way of doing things, but its so great when everything finally works out.

  3. Je'Kendria says:

    *Tear* I’m sooooo happy for you Neesh!! How inspiring! Just yay!

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