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Realifecitygirl and the City.

It’s after 3 am and here I am up. Restless. Listening to the Purple Rain LP. Per usesssge. I’m in an odd mood. I’m so used to feeling “in over my head” that this constant feeling of uncertainty isn’t whats … Continue reading

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if I pull it together…make it sooner than later

Wow. That’s literally all I can say over and over again. My life has changed drastically since my last post.And I’m actually still in shock/awe….. So my friend Jessica sends me a text after reading my blog and says we … Continue reading

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….hometown glory?

I really hate coming on here typing this negative ass shit. But hey….this is my life right now… My living situation has quickly gone from uncomfortable to unbearable. The hot water has been off for almost 3 weeks now.I don’t … Continue reading

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This here is on some truthful shit…

“this here is something personal… I highly doubt this feeling is reversible.” There is a lot if shit going on right now. First things first lets give a little living situation update. I’m sharing a room with my 15 year … Continue reading

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I feel like Harry Potter. Didn’t they used to lock home boy up in a closet underneath the stairs or some shit like that? Well anyway I am coming to you live from my teenaged cousins bed with all the … Continue reading

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