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Realifecitygirl and the City.

It’s after 3 am and here I am up. Restless. Listening to the Purple Rain LP. Per usesssge. I’m in an odd mood. I’m so used to feeling “in over my head” that this constant feeling of uncertainty isn’t whats … Continue reading

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red lipstick smeared on the filter of my clove ray bans on, eyelashes full of atomic black mascara sunshine shining on my left arm right arm gripping the wheel harmonizing with Anita Baker coily dark hair blowing in the summer … Continue reading

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…is stuck in houstalantaKANSAS

Dammit. The 3 and the shift keys are missing from my keyboard. smh. It’s day 5. Day 5 of me living back in Olathe,Kansas. Yes one of my biggest nightmares has come to pass. It’s so weird. Like the first … Continue reading

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When life gives you lemons…make 15 calorie lemonade!

I have a problem.   No it’s not just the soothing sound of the jack hammer right outside of my window.   It is currently 1 minute after 8 am and I haven’t slept a wink. I’ve been waaaaaaaaaay to … Continue reading

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It’s the end of the year and…

a post full of randomness.. -gay boys love me and I’m not quite sure why -i underestimated how relaxing bubblebaths were -I’m very serious about this RAW food thing -I love all things organic -My brother and sister are my … Continue reading

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dayum daddy!

Hmmmmmmm…. So it is officially Christmas Eve and if it weren’t for my phone saying December 24th I would have no idea. No Christmas tree.No lights.No wreaths on the door. WTF  My Christmas decor in my dorm closet… ahem, room(which consisted of … Continue reading

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Ok so my life seems like a horrible ongoing episode of a poorly written teen drama, a la Dawson’s Creek. In most reason news I caught one of my “best” friends IN BED,HALF CLOTHED and cuddled with my guy.He was shirtless and … Continue reading

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